Brown Pow Sour

ABV: 7.1% IBU: 13

Because of its close proximity to Germany, The Netherlands, and England, Flanders historically developed a multicultural character that is very much in evidence today and is manifested in its approach to brewing. The willingness to adapt and adopt from other countries also helped shape the character of the red and brown ales of the area. To say that ales of Flanders are archaic would be an understatement. It is commonly accepted that centuries ago, all beers were dark and spontaneously fermented. It is hard to imagine what this might have tasted like, though to say it was simply “sour” would be an over-simplification. During storage, wooden casks added yet more flavors to the brew.

The Brown Pow Sour is a Flemish red inspired brown ale aged on oak with flavors of tart plum, sour cherry, caramel malt, and red wine.  All carefully blended to create a smooth, easy drinking sour ale.